About Susan

Following a long and successful career in Information Technology with The Boeing Company, Susan started her own coaching business in 2015. During her 10 years as an IT executive, Susan led several large-scale software development programs and the implementation of Service Management. She managed a $1.6B asset management budget and $1B spend with suppliers. She developed the organization strategy, including employee development, for the 1000-person infrastructure team.


Professional Experience

Susan earned her coaching certificate in 2015 from Hudson Institute of Coaching. She is an active member in the International Coach Federation with a Professional Certified Coach credential.
Susan is a certified facilitator in Learning Center Turning Points: A Course of Action, an accredited practitioner of Integrative Enneagram, and a certified practitioner of Tilt365

Susan has a passion for identifying and resolving the barriers to professional development at both the individual and organizational level. Throughout her career at Boeing, Susan served as a coach and mentor to many colleagues. She is known for having a direct, thoughtful, and respectful communication style. Colleagues trusted she would provide candid feedback on performance and help them find their own way to make the necessary changes. Having raised four children, Susan had many employees, especially women, seek her counsel. Colleagues looked to her as someone who had successfully navigated both a male-dominated company and a male-dominated industry. Helping professional women excel is an area of focus in her coaching.


I began working with Susan because I was concerned about an upcoming corporate acquisition, a perceived lack of management backing, and overall concern about career direction.
Susan has an uncanny way of listening to stories and identifying truths that aren’t obvious. Susan’s techniques helped me to recognize and react differently to triggers.
With Susan’s guidance I was able to improve relationships and ascertain management support. I am better equipped to navigate work pressures and stress.
Margaret G (2016)

IT Services Client Executive

Sue was instrumental in helping me find a career path that aligned to my values and instilling me with the confidence to pursue it. Throughout my time with Sue, I realized that the next step in my career can sometimes be the simplest, while managing it can often be a more difficult challenge. Sue helped me build the skills to manage an ever changing environment for myself and for my future. Forever grateful for the lifetime skills she has helped me develop as a person and as a professional.
Kelle J (2016)
Leader at Amazon

I have been working with Susan Gellatly for several months now and I am thrilled with how much she has guided, empowered and help inspire me. I was at a point in my life, business and career where I needed a shift. I felt like I wasn’t going the right direction, and couldn’t figure out a path toward my goals. Since I began working with Susan, my entire outlook on my future has changed. She has an incredible ability to draw out skills that I didn’t even know I had. I am excited, motivated, and eager to move forward making the adjustments she has suggested. I completely believe in Susan’s capacity to improve anyone’s situation and feel honored to have had the chance to work with her.
Daniel Jahn, CSCS, USAW, NASM-PES (2015-2017)
Owner, Maximum Sports Conditioning

When I worked for Susan I thought she was a highly effective manager, but more importantly she was a fabulous leader. She was adept at helping folks not only find the best in themselves but also pay it forward to their teams. High water floats all boats, so to speak, so that is a win for everyone, leaders, employees, and the company alike. And, Susan is one of those rare women who has managed to perfectly balance work and family yet still earn executive leadership positions in technology, something that’s rare, special, and that she has a passion for helping others achieve. I’ve had dozens of bosses come and go over the last 28 years, but Susan is one of only two who I actually miss. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
Lawrence Kane, COP-GOV (2015)
IT Strategist by day; Bestselling Author/Martial Arts Instructor at night

Personal Life

Susan is married and has four grown sons. She loves outdoor sports, hiking and skiing being her two favorites. She enjoys reading everything from leadership books to fiction, with a bias toward biographies.