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For: All Leaders
Certified Facilitator: Turning Points: A Course of Action

This course is for those individuals who prefer not to ‘share their personal stores’ in a group learning environment. A Course of Action is an individual coaching program for the achiever examining leadership performance management measures and is specifically designed for use in the business context. It achieves transformative leadership by exploring both personal and professionally related issues; barriers of change management which influence our thinking, our decisions, and our effective leadership styles; the way others react to us; and particularly those mechanisms that cause us to hesitate to make decisions—a major source of personal and organizational stress and ineffectiveness.

The course is 25 to 30 hours of one-on-one training (depending on the individual) examining your experiences, beliefs, assumptions and automatic reactions to issues around topics such as control; dichotomies like success/failure, right/wrong and good/bad; communication; guilt; help; problem solving; goal setting and obstacles to attaining goals; leadership; emotions and change.

This course embodies a personal decision making grid + problem solving activity action plans. Although designed to be “up close and personal,” intensive, soul-searching and challenging, the process is fun, as opposed to agonizing. One of the elements of the course’s success is the highly efficient process that moves you through examination, understanding and resolution very quickly. Each topic closes with a sense of satisfaction, new understanding, and new ways of operating. I have learned very successful ways of helping even the most reticent manager see the value of the process and become fully involved with passionate and courageous leadership skills.

One-on-one coaching services provided: 8 or 12 sessions as decided by the client.

  • Leadership Coaching
  • Next Assignment Coaching
  • Coaching High-Potential Individuals

It’s important to include an Assessment and/or 360 Feedback as part of the coaching experience. I offer both.

Integrative Enneagram Assessment – Accredited Practitioner

The Enneagram Assessment is a wonderful tool to help you see your patterns of behavior. These behaviors are both conscious and unconscious. Understanding and knowing your patterns and the why behind them gives you the option to change them in ways that will bring out the best possible you.

My commitment to you…Learn, Lead, then Soar

Leaders in all disciplines are continuously called upon to change themselves and their organizations. They understand the urgency to quickly embrace the business and technical changes taking place today. But few leaders also recognize or take the required time to develop a new generation of leaders who can function at a higher level within a continuously changing environment.  This is essential to maintain and grow businesses in todays market place.

Maximizing the effectiveness of individuals and organizations by helping to improve leadership abilities, teamwork, and employee development is my goal.

I work with an organization’s top management to:

  • Assess “Critical leadership attributes” necessary to achieve their business objectives
  • Introduce individual skill development and team-building exercises
  • Enable the leader, the team or individual contributor to develop those attributes