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Imagine It

Imagine achieving your best.

Change is difficult and the fear associated with change is often overwhelming…. But if you can imagine your best, you can achieve it.

 Fear of Change

Whether you have a fear of success or of failure, change can be a scary thing. Success, strangely enough, may cause anxiety about consistently meeting a new level of performance. Failure on the other hand opens the possibility of letting yourself or others down. You may avoid change because giving in to your fears means you won’t have to discover that you can’t do something.

Fear of winning

  • What if your status changes as a result of achieving a big goal?
  • What if you get the opportunity to discover that you want more than what you’ve
    settled for?
  • What if you were to find everyone wanted to talk to you?

Fear of the “touchy feely”

  • “I’m not going to share my personal information, that isn’t the problem.”
  • “I’m smart and I can solve my own problems.”
  • “This is just a nice word for counseling and I don’t need counseling…that’s for people
    with real problems.”

Fear of failure

  • “I’m not smart enough to do this.”
  • “If I don’t succeed, everyone will be disappointed in me.”
  • “I tried this before and it didn’t work.”


Let Yourself IMAGINE Success